Blogging For Books

Blogging For Books
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Little Different


This book is a little different. It made me think that there is darkness lurking around you even when you may not see it. that we can get caught up in the darkness if we are not careful. that we can even begin to believe that what we thought to be truth gets distorted by others around us. But thankfully in the book there is a light that reminds us that the true faith and true light will always overide darkeness. The characters are mysterious but love wins out and fights against the darkness that is trying to shroud them. The witchcraft element is apparent in the book and makes me wonder how many people we are surrounded by that may have ill intentions and may use their craft to bring up spirits against us. The witch was very sneaky and even appeared to be on the widow's side at times and even seemed sincere in her helpfulness. The widow is faced with finding out if the spirit that is dwelling the in home is that of her belated husband or that of another dark entity. Only faith and truth can help her decided but she is fighting to find that too. it is an interesting read but not sure i would have bought it if presented at the store.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Harvest of Grace Is Graceful

Harvest of grace is a book that intertwines the meaning of grace.The Amish characters are struggling with different areas in their lives from past hurts and Cindy Woodsmall has taken their hurt and turned it into something graceful and beautiful. Sylvia runs from her home to find a new dream on a dairy farm. Aaron the long lost son of Sylvia's boss comes home to proceed with his own agenda. Both of them are needing forgiveness but take their time truly seeking it. Only as time goes by do they really understand forgiveness and grace. Meanwhile Cara who was abandoned at a young age, is faced with the return of her father. She struggles with her anger and hurt from the past and only because of the love on her fiancee and rules of the Amish ways does she try to find a way to have a relationship with her father. The stories are intertwined with one another and each of the characters help the others to seek healing in their relationships even though they not readily see their own way to the same healing. Harvest of Grace is a book of love, hurt, and grace. The grace of God is proven in the pages and anyone who reads it will be blessed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where The Lilacs Still Bloom is Intriguing

Jane Kilpatrick is a wonderful writer of historical life. Hulda Klager was a self taught Horticulturalist. Where the lilacs still bloom is her story. The story is one of sorrow and triumph and determination to keep fighting the elements to make something beautiful happen. Hulda Klager was a woman that had a perservering spirit and didn't easily give up. Through years of love for her family and love for flowers, she brought hope to many peoples lives. Jane Kilpatrick has told this story with great determination to give all the emotion and the heart of Hulda Klager. It is an interesting read.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sounds Great


The Story is about a family and an old house. It is a story of pain, and living in the past, but somewhere there is a future for the family and the house. but can they find it. The book A sound among the trees is a good read. It uses the past to to help a family break the curses and start again. But the curse is really within and not the past. Reality comes in and helps the characters, learn about themselves and they begin to beleive they deserve more than what the past has led them to beleive.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Crossing A healing read!

I recently read the book The Crossing. The story focuses on a tragedy that happens in a town and follows the characters for ten years. With the nightmare of a killing and never being solved, the thought is always in the mind of the characters, could i have done more, Then the case is reopened and what is meant to bring closure and healing may not be the ticket they need for ride to that peaceful place that is called healing. I found the Author to keep me interested with the mystery of the unsolved murder, but also gives a glimpse of what it must be like to live with the hurt and maybe guilt of what was done. I find that i wish some of the characters had different endings but alas some things have to be. I enjoyed yet ws saddened by parts of the book, but would definitely recommend if to my freinds.